May 11


Update: Things Are Getting Exciting!

May 11, 2023

After our last post, there have been a few interesting progresses…

Today we want to talk about one of those!


Up to now, only the team members have been playing/testing BioSynth. It’s faster to run an inside test, so it’s possible to run a ton of tests in a short amount of time.

This gives you the chance to get many feedbacks on how the game is working.

But this process has also its flaws.

For example, when you play a map 20 times, you already know everything. Another example is that you can use the controller perfectly.

That’s why you can’t just test a demo inside the team.

Recently, we’ve run our first test of the demo outside of the team…

… and the results are exciting!

Gameplay Length

The content inside the demo at this very stage keeps the player busy for 2+ hours.

Considering that now the map is basically empty, this is a wonderful data!

Map Improvements

If you read this post, you’ll remember that we did a huge map rework to improve its navigability.

Watching players, that have never played an isometric game and that were totally new to the way the mouse is used there, navigate the map with no troubles was a big satisfaction.

The big rework that we did paid off!

Environment and Exploration

We received some great feedback about the environment and the fact that when you play you feel like you want to explore more and more.

Both the environment and the world building is nowhere near where we want it to be, so it’s great to know that we’re onto something!

What We’re Currently Working On

We already worked on many bugs and necessary improvements that showed up during the recent tests, but still have to accomplish a few more things.

Aside from that, we’ve been working on the game sound effects and are close to completing the work. So this is our current top priority.

This work on the game audio was part of a bigger picture: we’re improving the game look/sound/feel as much as we can in this phase. Not only we want you to enjoy the game, but we also want the demo to be streamable – which means that is has to be quite polished.

It’s an ambitious goal, but we are confident that we can do it. And if you want to help, consider supporting the game.

Talk soon with more news!

    • Thank you, DayVlad.
      If you were one of the people who backed our Kickstarter and are subscribed via email, you’re going to receive the demo as soon as it’s ready. If that isn’t the case, you can support the game and will receive the demo as a backer.

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