July 25


Update: Sound Effects, Characters Customization and More!

July 25, 2023

Today we have quite a few things to talk about, so let’s dive in!

Sound Effects

The first work on sound effects is completed (it’s a first work because we’ll surely find some more effects to add and others to refine, while we keep developing the demo).

Now, the UI, the environment and the fights are way more enjoyable!

One of the cool things that we got to do was customizing both sound and visual effects when you hit an enemy, based on its material. So hitting a human without an armor will feel different than hitting a human with an armor or a robot.

More Characters Customization

We refined the skin material used for characters so that now we can easily add tattoos, scars, makeup and implants to them.

Thanks to our new system, we can add a variety of tattoos to our characters.

Another important addition to the game is the use of accessories on characters, like, for example, glasses and gas masks.

The new skin material paired with accessories will help us create a more diverse selection of characters that you’ll encounter – which is especially important for the demo, since our currently limited financial resources bounds us to having fewer characters than we’d like (if you want to help us with this, be sure to check this page).

Here’s an example about how we can use together the new customization options (gas mask plus makeup here).
The new system grants us a good flexibility and ease of use. For example, changing the makeup is as easy as clicking a button.

Improving the Environment

The work that’s taking the most time at this point is about the environment. The plan is simple: add a ton of details and transform the slums into a place where everyone wants to live!

We have already improved most of the scenes in the map and we like what we are shaping. We’re confident that you’ll love the improved environment too!

This gives you an idea of the amount of details that we’re adding to the map.

Balancing and Getting Ready for More Tests

We planned further tests starting in the second half of August. Those are going to be crucial tests: if everything works fine, we’ll just be completing the final touch to deliver the demo to you.

Other than testing ideas and bug fixing, these tests will help balancing the game for good.

What’s Ahead?

The task list is getting short and many items in it are kind of quick to accomplish. If there aren’t unexpected troubles along the road, we should be getting to the demo 1.0 soon.

If you want to help us, don’t forget to support the game.

We’ll get in touch soon with more updates!

  • Great to hear news! Is there a rough estimate when the demo will be released? I’m so much looking forward to see some gameplay stuff 🙂

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