April 6


Update: Moving Forward

April 6, 2023

BioSynth keeps moving forward, so let’s talk about what’s new!

Here’s a number of improvements that we brought to the game in the last few weeks:

  • Added a “Miss” text – so you know when you or your enemy misses
  • Added some melee weapons, with their respective animations
  • Improved the functions about attack
  • A basic saving and loading system – because you’ll want to save a lot during the demo πŸ™‚
  • Improved the materials used in Graffiti
  • Completed a “hologram handler”
  • Added art for the screens in the slums

About this last point, let us share an important one.

In the first map of the city you’ll already encounter some factions.

As you can imagine, in BioSynth’s world there is an incredible amount of factions that operate in a variety of areas… each with its own plotting schemes. Part of what we want to accomplish in the final game is giving you the freedom to mess around and impact on many factions.

This could even include wiping out a certain faction or leading a small group to bigger leagues.

That said, we wish you a Happy Easter!

See you in the next update!

  • Sounds good, could you tell us approximately when the demo is coming??? , And how much will it cost if anything at all. I have a few games coming out this month that’ll probably take a while to finish so that is why I ask.

    • Hi DayVader, at this stage, the demo will be free but only available to the people who supported the Kickstarter and/or bought the game on our website.

      Within the next 10 days we plan on running some important tests – depending on how those unfold, we’ll have a better idea on when we can deliver the demo to you.

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