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In BioSynth: Rising you'll experience a lively world where lots of enticing stories await you.

A place where many unique characters conspire, murder, betray with the end goal of acquiring more power... or just having fun in a perverse way!

Along the way you'll meet some fascinating companions with a rich background. And you'll understand that they are involved in unexpected plots.

To survive, or just for your entertainment, you'll mess with people and even entire factions.

Who cares?

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you shape your own story.

Have fun with a deep strategic combat system!

During your adventures you'll collect your gear: look cool, be powerful and crush your enemies.

Remember that by defeating enemies you'll gain the access to some astonishing skills - which will aid you in combat and customize your combat style.

But pay attention to your foes! While some of them are straightforward, others are insidious. One thing is certain: all of them are dangerous...

... and equally dangeours could be the environment, don't underestimate it. Your surroundings could help you or harm you, plan your strategy ahead!

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