November 10


Update: Character Creation, Quests, and Quality of Life UI

November 10, 2021

Since our last post, we’ve been working on quite a few things… let us show you a few of those!

Our next goal for BioSynth is to create and deliver a demo. We want you to have fun with it – which starts by being able to actually begin the game. So we worked on that.

Game Beginning

Now BioSynth has a main menu and a character creation screen.

The background for the Character Creation screen.

We’re still working on these (we want to keep improving them), but they are working properly. So, at the moment, you could start BioSynth, create your character and begin playing it.

By the way: do you know what you’ll enjoy a lot when playing the game?

The Quests

During the demo, for obvious reasons, you won’t be able to complete the main quest… well, to tell it all, in the first chapter (which is the one you’ll play on the demo), you’ll barely progress in the main quest. Nonetheless, we want you to taste what we can do on a writing perspective.

That’s why we are putting much effort on the side quests that you’ll experience.

And our effort for the quests doesn’t just stop to the writing. In fact, recently, we’ve creating the UI related to the quest system – and also tried to make it as clear and usable as possible.

Now you can enjoy quests in BioSynth: Rising

Quality of Life UI

Let also say that the UI for the quest system isn’t the only one on which we’ve been working. In fact, we’ve added a few quality of life UI features, like for example the one below:

78% chance of hitting the target… not bad, but maybe you better attacking him in other ways…

As you can see, when hovering the cursor on an enemy, you’ll be able to see your hit chance percentage and the AP cost for your attack. We plan on adding quite a few more of these in the upcoming weeks.

What’s Next?

Next we are going to create a fast yet exhaustive tutorial – and make it skippable… because we all hate non-skippable tutorials. With that in place, the demo would be fully playable (but before releasing it, we still have to improve some graphics, add useful features, enhance a few “things”, fix some bugs, etc…).

In the meantime, if you like what you see, please consider supporting the project so that we may speed up the work and deliver a better game.

See you in the next update!

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