November 23


Update: Tutorial and Upcoming Features

November 23, 2021

Let’s talk about BioSynth: Rising!

Imagine this: the long-awaited BioSynth finally comes out, you install it, and when it’s ready you launch the game; the music kicks in, you begin the play, and start creating your awesome character; everything is feeling great and you’re super excited.

After a short introduction to your story, you see your hero on a big level. Now what?

How does it move?

Do I move the mouse? Or does it require to use the keyboard? Maybe I need a cyber sword connected to my pc to play?

And those buttons! What are they? Signs of an alien civilization?

Oh, and look at that man on the map! Can I talk to that person? Or is it just an “enviromental object”?

Back to reality… this doesn’t feel good… and that’s why you put a tutorial level in a game.

Do you know what else feels bad? Having to play the tutorial even when you know a game better than yourself. And that’s why you put a skippable tutorial in a game.

In this period we worked exactly on this.

Playing BioSynth the First Time

Here’s a quick look at the tutorial map:

We made it short and to the point, while covering the key aspects you need to understand to play.

And you can always skip it, in part or as a whole, with the click of a button.

Ah, don’t worry about forgetting something, because in your journal there’s a section with all the tutorial explanations – and even some additional tips that you won’t see in the tutorial walkthrough.

Upcoming Features and Content

Other than creating the tutorial, we worked (and are still working) on quite a few things, including:

  • Backstories and quests for the companions
  • Animations for the character creation screen
  • Quality of life UI features, for example, a widget that shows the turn sequencing during combat
  • Artistic style for UI elements
  • Bug fixing

We should be able to show something about some of these in about a week or two.

Before then, consider supporting the project – it’s of immense help and allows us to insert additional and cooler content in the upcoming demo.

Talk soon!

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