November 29


What Locations are in BioSynth: Rising?

November 29, 2021

You probably saw a few screenshots or videos about BioSynth…

… maybe you noticed that some of the locations seem quite different.

What’s going on?

Are we just crazy or there’s a reason for that?

You see, we worked on the lore a lot – we want to convey a complex and lively world. There’s a story behind everything you see.

  • Robots have free will? There’s a story behind it.
  • There’s a desert out there? There’s a story behind it.
  • A huge terrifying mutant is crushing your character? There’s a story behind it.
  • Etc…

Thus, to understand the map diversity, it helps to know a little bit of the lore.

A Glance at the Lore

BioSynth: Rising takes place in a dystopian world which is about 300 years forward, compared to our real world.

The name is Jaia.

There are quite a few continents and each of those has its own story… and, because of that, they feel very different.

Let me share an example!

In Krania, the continent where the game takes place, outside of the cities you see an arid environment. And there are gangs that populate the deserts. As a result, almost everyone lives in the few huge cities – which have walls to protect them from outsiders. The cities look totally different from their surroundings… in fact, thanks to an immense amount of resources in the continent, an incredible technological progress, and a great affinity of its people for commerce, Krania is thriving. Its cities look like the one you see in Blade Runner.

Krania is a huge desert, outside of its cities.

On the other hand, let’s take a continent like Betiti. It has always focused most of its resources in the genetic field. As a result, when it comes to biology, Betiti can do unimaginable things. Its continet looks as if there were marvelous “green cities” perfecly integrated in the Amazonian rainforest. And it’s full of mutants: they are despised on every continent, except on Betiti where they are admired and considered the summit of the human evolution.

You won’t visit Betiti in BioSynth: Rising, but you’ll experience some of its marvels during the game 🙂

Now that you know a little more about the continent in which the game takes place, let’s talk a little about its specific locations.

Locations in BioSynth: Rising

First things first, the game starts in the most thriving city in Krania: Etheita.

For a few (un)fortunate events, you end up in the slums of the city.

Do you remember the walls surrounding the cities in Krania that we were talking about? Well, the slums is located outside of those walls. You know, the people with the power in the city didn’t want to spend money to protect the poor devils in the slums – and definitely they didn’t want to mix good workers with those “unproductive people”.

The slums are separated from the rest of the metropolis by the city wall.

So, yes, you’ll visit the slums of the city.

But you’ll also get to see other districts in the city.

Of course, you’ll also get out of the city. To tell it all, there are a quite a few interesting locations outside of Etheita… including an alien-looking landscape where there’s nothing biologic, just “metallic stuff”. (Ah, in case you’re wondering: no, it is not that toxic landscape you saw in the Kickstarter trailer… that’s a different thing).

You’re free to explore the game world as you please. Actually we encourage you to do it!

Let’s be clear: this isn’t an open world game.

It’s a game like the old Baldur’s Gates, the old Fallouts, Pillars of Eternity, Solasta, etc. where you can visit points of interest on a map.

At the moment, we’re focusing our efforts on the locations you’ll be able to reach during the demo. But as we get to develope other areas, we’ll be sure to share some cool concept arts and screenshots.

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See you next time!

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