December 13


Update: Inventory, Item Rarity and Merchants

December 13, 2021

Do you love strong weapons and sturdy armors?

Well, such items deserve a good inventory… so let’s talk about that!

The Inventory

First things first: when you wear a nice piece of equipment, you want to see how cool you look, right?

That’s why your character (or one of your companions) is at the center of the inventory. And you can zoom/rotate the character, to take a better look at your gear.

But you don’t just want your character to look cool, right? You want it to be powerful too, don’t you? Well, you have all the stats to the right, so you know what to equip and what not to equip.

To the left you have the group’s items. Yes, there’s one single inventory for the entire group, so you won’t have to switch between party members to search for an item.

You can sort the items, so you can always find the object you’re looking for, easily.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the final inventory system, we are still working on it and plan to add:

  • More slots other than armor and weapon
  • Filters button (so you can see only items of the selected category)

Item Rarity

Not all items are equal. While you’ll see some recurring items, you’ll also find some unique masterpieces during your journey.

To distinguish items at a glance, we translated our rarity system into the following graphics.

Let me point out a couple of important things.

We’re creating each item manually – not appending random affixes to a base item.

In some cases, you may end up prefering an item of lower rarity. For example, a rare rifle could grant you a skill that you can’t get in any other way. So, don’t assume that lower rarity items will be trash after a while.


We’ve been working on the merchant systems, which is now fully playable – but we’re going to add some additional features like filter buttons.

Some merchants will have some of the best items in the game, so you’ll want to sell all your unused loot.

What’s Next

We want to publish some new videos about the game and show you something really cool…

… but it will take us a while 😛

Don’t worry, we’ll share more updates along the way.

Talk soon!

  • Cool! I’m hugely interested in this game, always glad to read updates! I hope you and your team have a great (pre-)Christmas time, Mauro!

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