August 16


Update: State of the Demo

August 16, 2022

We’ve been testing the demo… and we’re very happy about the results so far! Let’s talk about it!


First things first, let’s talk about the bugs.

Up to this point we’ve encountered a number of bugs… but no as many as one may expect from a demo and, more importantly, only a few of those were game breaking or even problematic.

Also, most of them were quick fixes, so we already solved all the “first generation” bugs. This is just great and we’re satisfied about this aspect of the game 🙂

Of course, many more bugs will rise while testing the demo, but we’ll be ready to fight! Actually, we’re already identifying the “second generation” bugs and things look promising so far.

Improving the Game Performance

We feel there’s a giant room for improvement regarding the game performance. While the game runs well on the devices where we’ve run the tests, we know we could do better.

For example, there are some textures that are definitely too big – for example, a small display doesn’t need a 4K texture.

Let’s also say that we’ve been working on a certain optimization practice for months now and finally it’s getting close to an end… it’ll help performance a lot… and it will free some manpower so that we make progresses in other areas faster.

Making Cool Stuff

This is the aspect of the game that is taking the most effort at the moment… we’re proud of the results, so it’s totally worth it!

We’re working on a number of things to make everything even cooler, including: better materials, holograms, both static and dynamic screens, art style for some widgets currently missing it, visual effects, adding details to levels, game sequences.

Among the many cool things we are working on, we must mention this guy: Sir Galahad The Slayer.

If you remember it, we hinted at him in a past post… he’s a Judge (the highest rank for bounty hunters) and is kind of unusual – the medieval inspiration behind him is more than evident.

His story is very interesting and… he doesn’t work alone… let’s just say that his party is fearsome!

Other Stuff and Upcoming Plans

Other than what we just talked about, we are working on a few other things… but we are still a little behind on those, so we aren’t ready to share them yet.

Once we get through this phase, it’ll be time for more extensive testing, followed by balancing and improving content so you can have the best possible experience when playing.

Doing everything is going to take a little time… but things look interesting, to say the least!

Talk soon!

    • Hi DayVader, we’ll allow you guys to try the demo soon – and if you’ll want to test and share your feedback with us, we’ll appreciate it a ton!

      But before we get to that point, we need to polish the game a little. We don’t want you to experience any game breaking bug… not even any annoying bug… on the contrary, we want you to have a great time.

      We are sorry for this waiting, but it’ll make your experience definitely better 🙂

  • So cool, thanks for the update! The day the demo gets released I’ll definitely take a day off to dive into it! Sir Galahad, yes, we’ll have a bone to pick then! 🙂

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