July 20


Update: Demo 0.1

July 20, 2022

It took a long time, but finally we got to this point: we have a demo! πŸ™‚

It’s a demo that we’re already playing inside our team to test things and see the combined result of our work.

A Quick Overview

So, right now you can start the game, create your character and start the tutorial – or just skip it (but we suggest not to skip it in your first game session).

There’s a short introduction that explains how you end up in a strange place: a sewer.

At this point, you’re in the game. So just have fun πŸ™‚

You can try to progress in the main story… or just wander around a part of the city looking for quests, buying stuff, killing bad guys, learning secrets, etc…

At this very moment, basically everything is “rough” and many things are not as pretty as they are going to be… but the game works, from start to finish – which corresponds to something less than Chapter 1 for the final game.

This is were we’re going to focus our efforts now: make things a little prettier and a bit more refined – other than doing a ton of bug fixing.

Once we’re satisfied with the result of this upcoming work, we’ll make you have the demo so that you can have fun with it πŸ™‚

What to Expect

Let’s be clear: what we are building is not an early access for the game.

The content is nowhere near what we plan on having in an eventual early access, let alone the final game.

So, don’t expect hours upon hours of content yet. To do most of the things in the demo, you’ll spend about a couple of hours – not bad for a demo, don’t you think? Add an extra hour or so if you want to do another run so that you can solve one of the quests in a different way and maybe try different skills.

This demo will be a way to make you experience a little of BioSynth.

And if you enjoy what we’ve been doing up to know, you’ll enjoy what will come later too πŸ™‚

Talk soon!

  • Fantastic! I’m looking forward for you to release the demo soon, I’m really interested to experience your work first hand! πŸ™‚

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