January 18


Update: a Ton of Stuff

January 18, 2022

Since our last update we’ve been working on many aspects of the game… today we share a quick overview of that.

Here’s a list of the things we accomplished after our last update:

  • Created a map where you have indicators for party members, points of interest, and quests
  • Improved the main menu and character creation
  • Made new animations.
  • Now the mouse cursor shows additional infos like the fact that you can’t attack because you don’t have enough action points.
  • Made a level travelling system – which is also 80-90% of the work for the saving and loading system.
  • Set dressing for some of the levels in the upcoming demo.
  • Completed/started the blockout for some upcoming levels.
  • Improved the material handling for the project – making the material editing faster, cheaper and more powerful.
  • Refined the “hit chance” function.
  • Added art style for the surgeon skill tree.
  • Added art style for the status icons.
  • New concept art.
  • Added meshes for weapons and loot boxes.
  • Backstories for every companion but one.
  • Dialogue writing for the quests.
  • Integrated quite a few new functions to handle additional quests situations.
  • Started working on an engine feature that will make it much easier and faster to handle a huge amount of complex branched dialogs.
  • Fixed many bugs.

Ok, enough about talking, we know you want to see something.

Let’s start by sharing a new concept art for one of the robots in the slums:

This is an example of our new material handling.

With the new material, we have a powerful customization tool. For example, in a few minutes we can add damages and dirt to transform the look of an object.

Let’s finish with some art…

Some status icons
Some skill icons for the Surgeon class
The skill tree of the Surgeon class

What’s Next?

In 3-4 weeks we expect to release a first version of an internal demo.

That will prepare the ground for the demo that we’ll share with all of you that supported us on Kickstarter. How long will it take to get there? We have an estimation for the time frame… but since we don’t know for sure, we prefer not to say it…

The good news is that we think you’ll enjoy the demo a lot πŸ™‚

Talk soon!

  • Hi Mauro! I went over the news again, I’m definitely looking forward to get my hands on the demo! Really excited about it!

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