June 21


Kickstarter Sneak Peek

June 21, 2024

On the last update I announced the return to Kickstarter:


Here’s a sneak peek…

BioSynth: Rising’s Kickstarter Preview

It’s hard to summarize the key points in a paragraph, but I’ll do my best!

Player/companion classes:

  • Bounty Hunter – think about it as the ranger/archer cyberpunk equivalent
  • Surgeon – think about it as the cleric cyberpunk equivalent
  • Hacker – think about it as the mage cyberpunk equivalent
  • Ninja – think about it as the warrior cyberpunk equivalent
  • [Still considering if this will be a stretch goal or will be a “base class”] Machinist – think about it as the summoner/shapeshifter cyberpunk equivalent
  • More could be unlocked based on game funding

Skill trees:

  • Confirmed 3 skill trees per class
  • Confirmed a minimum of 8 skills per skill tree – so a total of 24 skills per class, minimum
  • When leveling up, you can pick any skill from any skill tree (as long as you have the requirements, like a high enough character level), so you’re free to fully customize your play style
  • All the skills in the skill trees are castable ones. It means that these aren’t passive, you’ll actively use them
  • There will be a respec button for skills (that we already built and it’s available in the upcoming demo), so you can experiment. I’m still considering if there will be a price for the respec…


  • 4 item rarities: common, rare, epic, masterpiece
  • Weapons, armors and “quick slots” are the current equipments. There’s one more secret piece that we’re considering… but it could end up as a stretch goal
  • Certain items grant you skills (remember that skills in BioSynth are always active castable skills). For example: a certain shotgun that can grasp an enemy with a chain, bring it closer to you and shoot if from close position.
  • It isn’t 100% decided yet, but we’ll likely add AoE weapons like area flamethrowers, rocket launchers, etc…


  • You can leverage destructible objects (like radioactive barrels, acid pipes, electrical wires, hologram projectors, etc.) when you encounter them in a fight
  • Different terrains will require different strategies
  • There are 15 statuses that provide a variety of effects
  • Additional “things” will be revealed in the future

Quests, Reputation and Stories:

  • Some of the sidequests are branched, so you can solve them in a few different ways
  • Companions will have their own quests
  • Confirmed the Fame, Karma and Faction reputation system

There are 3 big outdoor maps confirmed:

  • Freedom Streets – the slums of the city (the only map of these three that we have showed up to this point)
  • Downtown
  • “Glimmervoid” – I’m borrowing this name from Magic the Gathering as a code name

This is all I can say.

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When Is the Kickstarter Launching?

I don’t have a date yet.

We’re getting ready for the demo 2.0. Once that is ready, we’ll do a close launch and let all the email subscribers play it (if you aren’t subscribed, subscribe here).

As for the previous version, we’re going to ask players for a feedback. When we have enough feedbacks collected, we’ll start working on those.

Once we finish that, we’ll have the demo 3.0 and, at that point, we’ll be ready for the Kickstarter.

It took about 6 months to go from the demo 1.0 to the demo 2.0, so I suppose the Kickstarter will be at the beginning of 2025. Could be earlier, could be later.

The only sure thing I can say is that I’m aiming at creating something good.

Once the quality is where I want it to be, we’ll move forward.

In the meantime, if you can help me sharing this post and the Kickstarter page, it would mean the world to me! Thanks!

  • Very nice, I’m especially looking forward to the new navigation system and all the new things that make it into the new demo!

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