July 10


Update: Minimap, Dynamic Combat Camera and More

July 10, 2024

We’re getting very close to the second version of the demo – which, unless something unexpected happens, is likely going to be ready before the end of the month.

At the same time, we’re preparing for the Kickstarter (follow it here if haven’t already).

The progresses are good and wanted to share some of those with you.

The Minimap

We added a minimap to help you navigate the locations that you’ll visit.

This is very important in big locations, like for example the slums. This will allow a smoother navigation without needing to open the map every time you want to know where you are.

We’re still working on the minimap, since map markers are yet to be added – like the active quest markers. But most of the work has been done, it’s just about details now.

Dynamic Combat Camera

Now, during a fight, you can move your camera to better see the battlefield and search for enemies.

Also, when enemies are attacking/doing their actions, the camera will show you everything that matters. So, for example, if the enemy is far, the camera will frame it and if it shoots at one of your party members, the frame will enlarge so that the camera shows everything.

This is quite a complex function and we expect it to have some bugs. And it probably needs to be refined in certain situations. We’ll keep improving it, but we’re proud of what we already built.

Bug Reporting and Feedback

We added a couple of buttons on the bottom left corner of the screen to allow all the players to easily report a bug and/or share their feedback about the game.

Feedbacks are crucial to keep improving, so this was a necessary addition to the game and it’ll help us a lot.

HP Bars

We added art style for the enemies’ HP bar.

And we improved the way of showing HPs for all the characters involved in combat. Whenever you see a character picture, you’ll also know its HP. This will make combat clearer, especially when you face enemies with the same character picture – you’ll know which one has received more damage.

Fixed Bugs

Apart from developing new features, we got to fix quite a few things.

Most of the bugs have been fixed. The remaining are all rare ones that we are still investigating, since they are hard to reproduce.

Luckily, most of those are just small bugs that won’t mess with the gameplay.

What’s Next?

Our next update is likely going to be about the release of the new demo. Or maybe a new art piece before that? We’ll see…

Talk soon!

PS: seriously, follow the Kickstarter, you’ll get to save on BioSynth by reserving your launch discount.

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    Your game idea is fantastic, and I truly believe in its potential. Wishing you all the best in your development journey. Your passion and dedication will surely lead to a remarkable game. Keep up the great work and stay inspired!



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