May 14


Update: Towards a Second Demo… and More

May 14, 2024

It’s been a while since our last post… many good things happened, the game is headed in a great direction.

I’ll be brief and go straight to the point.

Working on the the Feedbacks

As I mentioned in a previous post, after releasing the demo for BioSynth to a closed group of players, we gathered their feedbacks and started working on those.

We almost finished this work and it’s adding a lot to the game.

Here’s a few of the many things that we accomplished:

  • Improved navigability a lot
  • Improved the camera so that it allows an easier navigation
  • Fixed some problems with the ladders
  • Created the “Info Handler”, a big function that improves the mouse cursor and skill casting by a lot, gives more accurate information during combat, avoids forbidden actions that were previously available due to certain bugs, and does so much more…
  • Added many sound effects to the levels
  • Added sound and visual effects to some skills that were missing them
  • Rewrote the quest dialogs to flesh out the NPCs
  • A lot more…

When we finish working on the list of feedbacks, we’ll release the second version of the demo.

That said, there’s something important that we have to announce.

We’re Going Back to Kickstarter

After careful thinking, I concluded that the future of BioSynth lies in a new Kickstarter (follow it from here).

By looking at BioSynth now, I envision a game that is way cooler than what I imagined when we launched the Kickstater in 2021. All while making the game less ambitious – it’s not about having an endless amount of content, it’s about having the right ideas and putting them to work in the best possible way.

Succeeding with the Kickstarter launch would mean that we’ll be able to transform this vision into reality.

I feel obliged to give you a freaking cool game.

Trust us, help us and we’ll deliver.

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  • Count me in, Mauro, I’ll definitely be part of the Kickstarter again 🙂
    And i can’t wait to see the new demo!

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